Pueraria Mirifica


How would you like to get your hands on the exotic herb that slows the the aging process to a crawl, revitalizes aging skin, promotes healthy hair and nails and enhances breasts naturally?

Discover Why Premium Cultivated Pueraria Mirifica has Astonishing and Natural ‘Exotic’ Estrogen Boosting Properties

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For Centuries, Only the Indigenous Northern tribes of Tropical Thailand and Myanmar and a handful of Herbalists have been allowed to learn the ‘Amazing’ Female Hormone Boosting Secrets of this natural herb that Practically Guarantees Results, (even where prescribed treatments have failed!!)

Pueraria Mirifica also known as ‘white kwao krua‘ or to some ‘The Miracle Herb’, is a tuberous herbal root only found in northern and north eastern Thailand and Myanmar. Since the recent unveiling of this secret herb to the Western World, scientific studies and medical research have shown that Pueraria Mirifica holds unique female hormone boosting properties which when consumed promotes the female hormone estrogen to levels never seen before, that will ultimately..

* Increases breast size and lift like no other organic substance known to mankind!
* Halts the aging process to a crawl and even “reverses” signs of aging!
* Eliminates hot menopausal flushes and sweating
* Revitalizes aged and tired skin to a fresh youthful complexion
* Restores worn and brittle hair and nails

Studies have found that Pueraria Mirifica contains more phytoestrogens than any other natural source anywhere on earth! Phytoestrogen is the natural equivalent to estrogen that has been found in some other plants in small quantities. Never before have herbalists or medical researchers seen anything like the vast amounts found in this unique exotic herb. Only just recently publications by the Luang Anusan Suntara University and various news channels like the BBC and The Nation has this herb been revealed to the Western World!

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This exciting new discovery is cutting edge science… with a very weird twist. Let me explain this to you in the easiest way I know how. This story will blow your mind (as it did mine):

1. In the small rural communities of Northern Thailand , where the plant is know as “Kwao Krua Gow” where it has a history in folk medicine. Pueraria Mirifica has been consumed by the young and old alike, passed from one generation to the next for literally hundreds of years specifically for it’s unique rejuvenating adaptogenic effects on the skin hair breasts and nails. Tests results have shown that 80% of women who consumed this herb had increased their breast size by 2 cup sizes and reduced premature aging of the skin due to over exposure to the hot climate of the tropics.

2. Once the local government found out that the test results had proven the amazing properties of Pueraria Mirifica, they wanted to keep it hidden from the media and countries who would want to export the herb and take over the whole market. It wasn’t long until much wealthier 1st world Asian countries like Japan found out about it and the news spread across Asia like wildfire. The government were pressured by Japan into allowing a very small supply to be exported for their own use. (You may have heard about products from Japan that include Pueraria Mirifica).

3. Well, the small supply that was first exported to Japan had a huge premium cost due to the small amounts they were actually allowed to export. These highly inflated prices still stand today since this herb is in extreme demand and will only increase in demand once more and more consumers in the western world  discover the properties of Pueraria Mirifica.

4. Thus, businessmen from around the globe starting to flood into South East Asia to seek their own supply of the herb for export. It is say that nearly all of these ‘Pueraria herb seekers’ failed in their quest to find a large enough supply to seriously consider exporting. The herb was not being cultivated on a mass scale so inadvertently the foreign businessmen  found stiff competition with the local Thai herb businesses who were also in the market to get their hands on as much of this herb as they possibly could.

5. The ones who were unable to locate a supply had no connections with the locals. However, one or two foreign businesses did. The opportunity arose to ask friends amongst the locals to put the word out and to find a supplier of the best cultivated white pueraria mirifica available that is proven to boost estrogen levels naturally and slow the aging process, resulting in a larger firmer breast size and youthful skin. Within no time Purafem had our very own limited supply of the finest cultivated crop from a remote area in the northern tropics.

6. You can see why this herb is so scarce! Although a hard lined Government would probably cringe,it was decided that this discovery must shared with the world which would hopefully promote the poorer communities in Thailand and allow the properties of this herb to be discovered as the ‘Amazing Gift’ from mother nature herself..

7. Although limited to just a few hundred cases per month we have our secret source of Premium Pueraria Mirifica and all that what was left was to make it readily available for commercial use. It was not difficult to find a willing manufacturer who was exited at the opportunity of bringing this superior herb to market. Hence, you will not find the products seen on this website in any shops or other retail outlets.

8. So what are the Results? Are you kidding? You will start to feel more feminine, you’ll have firmer, more shapelier breasts, and you’re skin will feel fresh, supple and youthful. You’ll SEE and FEEL breath-taking new increases in breast lift, shape and for underdeveloped breasts a larger cup size!

Are you still with me? Good! If you’re like me and cringe at the results of cosmetic surgery, breast implants and skin tucks, then this herb is the best discovery since the creation of the bra!

Even if you have previously undergone or, are thinking about  cosmetic surgery then this is fantastic news!. Pueraria Mirifica is also great for re-occurring lines, wrinkles and breasts that require size or lift.. because it’s an ideal way to prime your natural hormones to boost estrogen levels. (You will also avoid that inevitable repeat surgery that can eat up your confidence).

This is what Lori from California had to say about her first supply..

“It’s amazing how these products worked for me. I wasn’t sure at first but after only one month I had grown over one cup size and now Im looking forward to next month!”

And Margaret from the UK..

“Ive seen a difference in the last week since using the cream and Im looking forward to firm breasts again!!! Thank you, the key to reviving my confidence.Thank you.”

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