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Satisfied Customers…

“I’m so happy with Purafem! I began taking the pueraria mirifica capsules and I am starting to see results already only after one months use!
My breasts do usually get bigger during my period and then go back to their original size but this time they stayed larger. After I measuered myself I have increased one full inch from 32 to 32.5inches..
I can’t wait to see what will happen after another 3 months of taking Purafem. I’m so pleased and I can’t thank you enough!”
Karen, Australia

“It’s nice to see things starting to take shape! For the first time I can see curve shadows, and am starting to get cleavage! Over the years, wearing camisoles, I resigned to (hopefully) thinking I was a 35A, but in reality – there was no cup involved. The pictures of what to expect are very helpful. It clearly showed me I was closer to a AA size. I am happily on my way to progressing to an A cup size and in preparation, embraced my excitement – enjoying buying my first bra. I am 45 – what an experience! “
Sarah, Ottawa

“After taking the pills and using the serum over the last 3 weeks I can see some enlargement of my breast and a tingling feeling. One more thing I have noticed is that I feel better overall, like I have more energy and not feeling tired all the time and I didn’t get the usual bad headaches during my period either even though I stopped taking the pills just before my period. I have started taking them again so I hope to be sending you my good news in a couple of months.”
Susan. U.S.A.

–update 5 months later>>>

“Thank you so much for Purafem! My breasts have gained 2 inches in size overall since I have been taking them. I used the serum, cream and capsules and have about 2 weeks left of capules, so I will be ordering again next week to keep this going. I’m so pleased that something has actually finally worked. I can’t recommend your products enough!”
Susan U.S.A


“Many breast pills say things that donot work for me. I did not want to try anymore. I see the Pueraria Mirifica on the website. Purafem look the good one so I try them. 2 more weeks my breasts are tight. Thank you I believe I have found solution for my problem. (sorry my English writing is not perfect!) Thank you very much.”
Anna, France

bigger_breasts“It’s amazing how these products worked for me. I wasnt sure at first but after only one month I had grown over one cup size and now Im looking forward to next month!”
Lori, United States


pueraria-mirifica“WOW! A great program and fantastic information. I have been using for a month now and I have impoved already Will definately be back for more”
Cynthia, UK

pueraria-testimonials“Ive seen a difference in the last week since using the cream and Im looking forward to firm breasts again!!! Thank you, the key to reviving my confidence.Thank you.”
Margaret, UK

index_0705“Shipped quickley and it really is working for me”
Mica, United States


“I began taking the pueraria mirifica capsules and I see results already only after one months. I had grown over one cup size. I’m so happy with Purafem!”
Mara Shot, United States

“My breasts have now gone from an A cup to a B cup in 6 weeks. Very gratifying, Thank you”
Jackie, United States

Stephens story…(Male)

“It Indeed Works!

I want to share my experience. I have used pills for the last 4.5 months now. I have always had enlarged breasts, but with the PM I can feel the tissue growing inside. My skin is silky soft and while I have always had a “girl butt” my hips, thighs and rear have a definite feminine curve to them. Looking in the full length mirror at my naked body using a small hand mirror, I can redily see my hourglass shape and curvyness and my body hair has diminished considerably. I have no intention to progress to SRS and I don’t cross dress. I just enjoy being a feminized male. I intend to keep taking the PM indefinately as I love what it’s done to my body.”
Stephen.E.Williams CA, United States

Danielle, wished to remain annonymous but she sent me a very heart warming story. and I thought it was too good not to  share with you so I asked Danielle if she would allow me to write an article about her. You can read the full article ‘Daniells experience with Purafem’ here

Short & Sweet…

The following ‘short & sweet’ testimonilas are just that – one or two lines that get straight to the point which were answers in one of the after sales surveys. To show our gratitude, everyone who sent in these replies also received a complimentary product in return.


– Can really feel the product working. Thanks

– great product its works only1 month and firms up nicely

– IT WORKS! like few days

– quick delivery, you can feel it working

– great. i’ve passed some onto friends they they want some now.

– thank you for getting back to me with every question…thnx

– feeling tingles after a week and looking forward to bigger breasts!!! Thank you, Roll on bigger breasts!!!

– excellent products second time bought will buy again

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