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The human breast be it female or male contains receptors which react to certain hormones. The size and cup of a breast relies on the amount of the female hormone eostrogen that is available to stimulate the receptors which increases the size and firmness of the breast.

Pueraria Mirifica is the key active ingredient  which you can read more about here. The herbal ingredients are absorbed by the body either through absorbtion if using an external product such as the cream or serum or, processed internally if using the capsules.


Breast Size Increase Prediction

From the table below, click on your current breast size to see predicted possible results – please note that the shape of the breast varies from one individual to another and the photo is only a guide for size. Puarefm is designed to promote a fuller and firmer bigger breast.

Please note that the breast size prediction is a simply a rough guide only to give you an idea of possible results for you. Everyone is different and there are many variables and factors that can affect the rate of growth for any one individual, for example age, height, weight, build and many internal factors such as hormone levels etc.

click on your current size to view the prediction:

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